KRCA is regarded as one of the best examples of Cape Flats Sand Fynbos remaining on the Cape Peninsula and is home to at least 310 indigenous plant species, including one endemic species and some 39 species that are considered to be threatened with extinction according to the Red Data List, these include: Diastella proteoides, Erica margaritacea, Leucadendron levisanus, Morea elsiae, Restio micans, Disa barbata and two reintroduced species listed as "extinct in the wild" Erica verticillata and Erica turgida. Many of these rare species are endemic Cape Flats Sand Fynbos.

"No other single urban, natural vegetation remnant on our planet comes close in terms of sheer plant species numbers, relative to physical area".

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Erica corifoliaErepsia asperaAristea glaucaErica mammosaBobartia indicaLampranthus bicolor