Permanent Staff
 James Cooper

Ron Sabelo Luvo Memani

Reserve Manager

Began working as Reserve Manager of KRCA in 2016. He is a conservation professional with a keen interest in urban conservation, research, sustainable development and the environment.

Sabelo studied Nature Conservation at Cape Peninsula University of Technology and completed his National Diploma in 2013 as well as a Bachelor of Technology in Nature Conservation in 2015. He also has a background in Botany, Microbiology and Biochemistry.

Sabelo believes conservation should be all inclusive, where all of us interact with each and the environment in a way that encourages natural processes to take their  course with very little human impact, especially in an urban context.

He believes environmental education is very important, but it alone cannot ensure sustained natural processes but, behavioral change regarding our interaction with the environment is what will lead to environmentally conscious (or courteous) people and cities. 

He further believes reconnecting people with nature is one of the few ways in encouraging a positive mindshift. Providing that opportunity (through his work) to people is what motivates him on daily basis.



Ismail Wambi

People and Conservation Officer

Began working as People and Conservation Officer at KRCA in 2014.

Ismail studied Nature Conservation at CPUT and completed his national diploma in 2013 and is currently doing his BTech part time.

Ismail is passionate about people and conservation. Ismail believes education and community conservation are essential components that make conservation objectives possible. Ismail is easy going, loves to learn and to continuously share information with people. He hopes that people become more environmentally aware so that they too can feel a sense of ownership and look after the remaining natural areas.


 Tania Snyders



Tania Snyders

Senior Field Ranger

Began working as a Field Ranger at KRCA in September 2008.

Tania loves to improve her knowledge on the environment and working outdoors she is particularly interested in fire fighting and environmental law enforcement. At home Tania enjoys spending time with her two children.


CPUT Students 2017 
Nature conservation students at Cape Peninsula University of Technology are required to complete a year of experiential training in order to complete their National Diploma. The following student is a part of our team for the year 2017.   
Richard Voges